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Since the birth of photography we have always wanted to colourise photographs, starting with  painting of photographs, then Russian photographer/scientist Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky with taking three images through three different filters and put them together to make a full colour picture. Then Lumiere brothers with their potato starch images, progressing to colour film to colour photography as we know today moving forward with camera less photography. Since having all this colour and being able to capture it why now are we trying so hard to remove it from our day to day lives? Much of the home decor that we now see is very plain and white and doesn’t have much texture to it. I want to explore how I can get rid of texture and the three dimensional-ness that colour brings to the photograph. I will be using domestic items around the house that I think are the items that are overlooked and forgotten about. I will be using colour to try and blend them to a white background. I will explore how you can mess with a viewer’s perception of an object with blurring the image and how you can make something static feel like it is moving. Through this the object is represented by a shadow or an outline so the viewer will find it difficult to picture what the object is.

Blue #2
Blue #4
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